Friday, May 13, 2011

A Long Time Coming.

Contributor: Jesse Hull

In case you missed this photo, this is from our very first Indo team meeting on February 19th - almost 3 full months ago!

From the bottom left, clockwise: Jesse Hull; Hannah Avila; Peter Englund; Whitney Seifert; Kyle Anderson; Katie Dickinson; Michaela Price

Everyone except Lauren Barth was present (don't worry, she'll be in future shots!), as we sat down together for the first time and put together our team contract. It's crazy to think that was a almost 3 months ago, and since then we've had lots of opportunities to learn about each other, to hang out, and to work on our plans for the MAF Conference camp that we'll be putting on for a week once we get to Indonesia.

We just had our last Saturday meeting, and the only things that remain on the schedule until our departure date are Training Camp, and Eastern Escape! Training Camp is only one more weekend away, and none of us know exactly what that entails as it's a widely guarded secret; there are guaranteed to be more blog posts leading up to, and following Training Camp, so stay tuned, and pray that we prepare in full, to the best of our ability as this major training event comes around the corner!

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