Friday, April 8, 2011


Contributor: Peter Englund

Selemat, nama saya Peter!

If you are not fluent in Indonesian, then you probably didn't understand that I just said hello and that my name is Peter; but not to worry, I'm just beginning to learn the language myself.

As departure date nears and is only 87 days away, the team's training, including language training, has really kicked into gear. It is extremely exciting to see how God is growing all of us through our training and teaching us to completely rely on his strength. Just in the last couple of weeks our team was assigned to go out in to the community and to start up spiritual conversations with random strangers. This was a highly intimidating assignment to me, but an exciting one. To know that through God, we can change people's lives with ONE conversation, is something that really blows me away. Our God is so great!

I just ask everyone to be praying for our team as many of us are extremely busy with schooling and working, and that he continues to give us open hearts to anything and everything he asks us to do. I praise God that he has given us all this opportunity to serve him in Indonesia and such an amazing team of people to do it with.

The only thing about this trip I am currently dreading is when I forget how to say this: “ Di mana WC?” (where is the bathroom?).

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