Sunday, July 5, 2009

Airport Fun

Blog entry

The following was written by Guest Contributer: Matt Edmonds.

So after all of the check-in fun at PDX, Nissen and I made it through security and walked down the terminal to gate E6. We saw one of those flat-moving-sidewalk-escalator-things. 

Neither of us know the official name of one of those contraptions so we agreed to create a new name for it every time we decided to be lazy enough to jump aboard.

Name #1 - lazy-tron
Name #2 - the sidewalk of sadness 

Thanks to our friends and followers on Twitter we have received a few more suggestions...

Name #3 - "welcome-to-America-where-we-don't-use-our-legs-to-walk machine" (courtesy of @TimDowning)

Name #4 - "nitrous walkside" (thanks @amyeruth)

Name #5 - "floating floor" (from my sister @aprilmpleonard)    

Any other name suggestions?



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  2. In keeping with the Internationality of it all, The Bridge of Fat Thighs

  3. That Guest Contributor sure is witty ;)